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How To Set Up SEO For A Blog

How to set up SEO for your blog -


What is SEO?

One of the best ways to make your website or blog post easy to find is by SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization.

—>Why is SEO important and how can you set it up for your blog posts?

In this content, I’ll take you through the basic overview of how SEO works and how you can begin setting it up so that your blog posts rank higher on google.

How to set up SEO for your blog -

As of today, there are over 130 million websites registered on the internet, to sort through all of these most of us rely on search engines to find what we want. These search engines have become to good that over 91% of people using the internet rely on them to find things. Now there are a lot of search engine out there namely; Google, yahoo, Bing,, Aol etc, however, 83% of people worldwide use google. So that will be our focus in this content but keep in mind that the concept we will be uncovering also applies to all the other search engines too.

Why is SEO so important and how does it work ?

When you search for something with google you land on a result page with a lot of information on it. These information are frequently the number of similar results found, different ads relevant to the keywords you searched for. Then you also find the actual results list which includes content on the keyword(s) you searched. Further below the page you will also notice the number of page which includes your relevant search.

over 94% of people click results that appear on the first page

Now, here is the important part that most people don’t know, over 94% of people that use google only click results that appear on the first page, they usually don’t bother clicking results that appear on the subsequent pages. Instead they prefer to change their search terms and start from scratch. Also, of those people who click on the first page most only click in what refers to as the “golden triangle”. In fact, statistics show that about 63% of people just click in the “golden triangle”, which is mainly the top 3 results that comes up.

Why Optimizing your Blog post is so important

This is why Optimizing your blog posts for search engines or doing SEO is so important. When people search for something that is relevant to them and they see your website in their search results, they are going to click and visit your page. It is important to note that these visitors aren’t any visitors, these are people that are looking for exactly what you offer so, of anyone they are the most likely to convert into customers, subscribers etc.

On the contrary, if your website doesn’t come up among the top 3 results or doesn’t even come up on the first page, it’s almost like your website doesn’t exist.

Why some websites rank top 3

Now, have you ever wondered why some websites show up on google’s first page and some other are stuck way down at the bottom of the pile? Well, a sites positioning and search result is determined by what is referred to as “Page Rank”. Every website has a ranking for particular search terms or keywords.

In the Beginning the first search engines worked by tracking all the words on the webpages. For example if you search for graphic design, you will get back a list of websites containing those two keywords and the websites that had those words most often were ranked higher and were showed up towards the top of the result pages. However, in 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin notice, while they were researching academic papers, that sources that contain a lot of keywords weren’t necessarily the most relevant. What matter a lot more in this case will be whether those papers were cited often by other papers. So they then decided to apply the citation concept to web search. They suggested that websites that were back-linked a lot (that is to say they were often referred by other websites) were more likely to be relevant. That’s how google was born.

Two Important components of SEO

Search engines today all follow this model, they still look at your website keywords but they then rank your sites relevance on the number and quality of backlinks to and from other websites. Think of it like this:

Keywords let google see your website and know what it is about, backlinks determine how much google trusts your site to be relevant. Keywords are important but backlinks move your website up the ranks. That’s why the search results you see are called organic or natural results – they are constantly changing based on what people actually do on the web.

Hence, there are two components to SEO, first is the  On-Site component. This is where you ensure your website is full of keywords that are relevant to your business. For example, if you offer web design services, you want o make sure the relevant keywords are all over your website like, web, design, website design, graphic design etc

The second component of SEO is called Off-Site SEO. This is where you work to create backlinks to your website that originate from other sources. Links to your site can be created using articles, social media, blog posts, discussion boards etc. However, remember this, the more legitimate or influential a website is that links back to you, the more effect it’s going to have on your search result ranking.


SEO is super important because it helps you move to the top of relevant search results and since almost everyone relies on search engines to find anything online, SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic to your site. Good SEO takes time so the sooner you start the sooner you move up the result ladder.

To learn more about SEO and other traffic sources you can use to increase visitors to your site, check out Internet traffic mastery. If you want to learn how to build and email list and increase conversion checkout my blog on 5 lead generation tips for affiliate entrepreneurs.

How to Set Up SEO For your WordPress Blog [Video Tutorial]

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